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1 month waiting for package, no communication

Fabio Giorgini Die Post La Poste La Posta Swiss Post 10.06.2024 Melden Reklamation gemeldet

I was supposed to receive this package (Consignment number: EU815414283CN / 99.60.155114.00031621) at the beginning of May, but it never arrived.

On the Swiss Post website platform it shows that it is "sorted for delivery" in Härkingen Paketzentrum since the 29th of April 2024 (more than 1 month ago).

I went to the local post office in Stans to ask about it, and they told me that they also don't understand what is happening and that it all seems very strange.
In the local post office in Stans we opened together 2 customer enquiries (10 days a part from each other) but I never got contacted back by the Swiss Post. At the local post office in Stans they don't know why I don't get any reply from the Swiss Post and they don't know how to help me further, other than opening more enquiries, but that it is clearly not working.

From the tracking tool in the website it is possible to download the photo of the package, that it is clearly in possess of the Swiss Post.

Could you please explain why I have not receive my package yet? When can I expect the delivery to happen?


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Fabio Giorgini 10.06.2024

So you area telling me that you can show me the picture of MY package in YOUR deposit, but you cannot deliver it to me and you don't want to do anything about it?
Why can you not complete the delivery?

Even though the package keeps showing as in possess of the Swiss Post in the Härkingen Paketcentrum, they refuse to initiate an internal investigation.They insist that, as for their protocol, they will never start looking into a "maybe lost" package in their possess unless the sender, initiate the request for the investigation. On a phone call I explained that the when the seller tries to open the investigation on the swiss post website, the platform does not recognize the order number, and simply says "order number not recognized". While on the phone call, a Swiss Post employee tried himself to open the investigation on the side of the sender, and got the same error. He did not give any explanation and simply said, the sender must figure this out and just hung up. I am very shocked by the customer service of the Swiss Post, it is utterly unoprofessional and they are unwilling to help finding a solution, they are deceiving and just providing no useful information or explanation, even when they are at complete fault. I was expecting better by the Swiss Post, this is very sad.